Why vertical video?

 Historically, we have all consumed content horizontally.  Movies, TV, and Online content have all catered to this construct.  Even the way our eyes are designed, we view things in a 16x9 format.  However in recent years there has been an interesting shift between design vs. behavior - which is being driven by our mobile devices.  Our smartphones have increasingly become extensions of our body and the screen where we spend most of our time.  This trend of design vs. behavior comes as no surprise since it caters to the natural human motion when it comes to consuming content since we tend to hold our devices upright vs. sideways.

We firmly believe that there is not only an opportunity, but an appetite for quality video in this format.  

We want you to join us as a pioneer of this movement


Slim cinema Vertical film festival

We just wrapped our latest Film Festival on December 2nd, 2017 hosted in New York City!  If you would like your vertical film to be featured at our next event in April 2019, shoot us a message at submit@slimcinema.co to learn more.

Peep photos of our last one here where we hosted 600+ attendees to their first ever Vertical Film experience!  On to the next!



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